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What wedding dress will suit my body?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Wedding dress shopping can be an exciting time. But it can also be rather overwhelming and emotional. There is so much choice for your wedding dress and there is so much information out there on what you should wear. Some of this information is presented as if it is helpful but can actually be the opposite. I am sure you have seen the ‘guides’ of what style wedding dress you should wear depending on your body shape. The ones that say if you have an athletic body you should wear a column dress or if you are bottom heavy you need to wear a ballgown.

By putting your body in a category and shopping accordingly then it will narrow down your options and make your choice easier. In theory.

But what if you don’t want to narrow down your choices? Or what if you want to wear a dress that is designated to another body category? What if you want to dream wildly with your dress and have exactly what YOU want. Not what the magazines tell you? To have a dress that looks and feels just like you. And what if your buying journey included someone who wanted to help create this vision and make a dress that fitted you perfectly, regardless of the style and shape you choose?

High street sizing versus wedding dress sizing

Bespoke wedding dresses are those that are designed and made just for you. A designer will listen to all your thoughts and feelings about wedding gowns and help you create a design that will reflect your personality, wedding style and showcase your beautiful body. Not a ‘category’ body but your individual body.

They work with your proportions and make a garment that will fit you beautifully. Standard size clothes of any kind are made using a standard size pattern. The measurements they use to create a pattern are made up from measurements that make it easy to make in large volumes. It is impossible for large stores to create sizes that take into consideration every woman's body.

If you lined up five different size 12 women they would not all look the same. Their height, bust, waist and length of their torso would make a T-shirt fit differently and it is the same for wedding dresses. A standard size 12 wedding dress will fit and look different on each body that wears it. And if you have a slightly bigger or smaller part of your body that the pattern caters for then it will not look right. It is not about your body, it is about a design that has been made with easy manufacturing in mind.

This is why these guides on which style you should wear were created, to make it easier for brides to navigate manufacturers not actually choose the dress of their dreams.

The perfectly fitted wedding dress

A wedding dress that is made purely for you and for your specific measurements gets rid of standard sizes. There are no size 6s, 12s, 20s just size YOU.

This means you can and should wear whatever dress you want. It can have sleeves, or be strapless, have a long train or be a mini skirt. A bespoke wedding dress allows full creative reign and complete peace of mind that the dress you choose will fit you like a glove. It will suit both your body and your personality. You can forget the guides and buy with peace of mind that your dress will frame and embrace your beautiful body regardless of the style you choose.

For more information about having a perfectly fitted wedding dress made by Caroline in her beautiful studio, contact us now.

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