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New Collection Shoot at Belvoir Castle

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In Spring 2020, I had the pleasure of being able to shoot my Latest Collection, at Belvoir Castle, to coincide with the opening of my Bridal Studio there.

I love my photo shoots - it’s so rewarding seeing my designs, which start out as ideas in my head and a sketch on a piece of paper, come to life on actual real life models! I got together my favourite people to work with, Claire and Adrian from Harvey and Harvey Photography, Fran from Alluring Make-up and Hairdressers, Hayley Barrington Smith and Justina Oakden. Together, along with my wonderful models, Charlotte, Jasmine, Kayleigh and Charlie, it’s a great team who make the shoots so much fun they never feel like work!

Myself, along with Claire and Adrian, had already done a previous recce of Belvoir Castle, so we could plan which rooms we wished to use, so we could sort a timetable for the da so we knew everything would run to time, and as usual it all ran incredibly smoothly. It was a tough task narrowing down which rooms to use, the Castle is so beautiful, in reality we could have spent a week there! Eventually we decided on four rooms, as the collection is made up of four gowns, so we could shoot one dress in one setting each.

That leads us to the gowns themselves... (each one named after the model who wore it!).

When I found out I was moving, it seemed obvious to use the Castle as inspiration for my next collection. The first gown I designed – Jasmine - was very in keeping with the castle itself, a pure Silk Dupion gown with 3/4 sleeves and an off the shoulder neckline. Perfect in a castle setting.

As I moved on to the next creation, I decided I wanted each dress to be quite different, all that could fit in the setting of a beautiful castle, but each completely individual so they could work in almost any venue you put them in, in their own right. My designs often have a very vintage feel but I also like to bring in something of a fashion forward feel, so I wanted to try and give each gown, after the initial traditional Jasmine gown, that mix of classic with an edge.

The second gown – Charlie - a full skirted Duchess Satin gown, most certainly has that fashion forward feel. With a V plunge neckline, large frill hem and pockets, it would be fabulous for that bride who wants to get that full layered skirt bridal gown feel with an edgy fashion conscious style.

Next came Evelyn, after I fell in love with the fabric, a pewter and pink rose brocade, I was determined to include it in my new collection. The silhouette is very 50s in style, the fabric quite traditional. The skirt, in fact, is a double circle with around 15 metres of fabric used in it alone. I felt with all the beautiful prints on the wallpaper and vibrant curtain fabrics in Belvoir Castle, the print and fullness of the gown, would contrast beautifully with the Castle as a backdrop.

The final gown I decided to go for something a little more classic with a bohemian edge. The Charlotte gown has a full flowing Chiffon skirt but it is teamed with a quite traditional Guipure lace bodice. A beautiful final contrasting look.

The full collection can be viewed exclusively at my new Buckminster Studio.

Contact Caroline for more information.

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