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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

How I was keeping sane during Lockdown!

It has been a very difficult time for everybody, and I have to say after taking the government advice to temporarily close my studio on the 23rd March, I struggled initially with the uncertainty of it all and also with my motivation. On the second week of Lockdown, I was invited to join a Facebook group called For the Love of Scrubs (FLOS).

FLOS was started by a nurse called Ashley Linsdell from Boston Pilgrim Hospital. Ashley knew first-hand the shortages in hospitals of PPE. She set up the first FLOS group which brought together tailors and seamstresses of all different levels to start making scrubs, laundry bags, headbands and masks for the NHS. It wasn’t long before several sub groups across the UK were set up with thousands of us sewing kit for our frontline NHS staff as well as care homes and anyone having to experience first-hand the devastation of Covid-19.

I initially started making laundry bags so that staff can put their worn scrubs straight into the bags, take them home and then put the whole lot straight in the wash. I had a few friends helping and during that first week of production I managed to deliver almost 100 bags to Lincoln County Hospital.

Obviously for scrubs, they need to confirm to a certain spec. Patterns were provided through the FLOS Facebook page which we had to print off at size A4 and then piece together basically like a jigsaw. The 3rd week into Lockdown my scrubs fabric arrived, donated by a good friend of mine, and once I had pieced the pattern together, I was able to cut out and start sewing! It was so good to be sewing again, with the initial fear of the situation we all found ourselves in I seriously lost my mojo, but sewing for FLOS gave me back a sense of purpose and really helped me focus.

As I write, we are six weeks into Lockdown, and I’m still helping with sewing for the NHS but I am also doing things for my own business that have been on my To-Do list for some time, but ironically, work tended to get in the way of completing them! Writing a blog for one! I have also updated my Pinterest page, sorted my Etsy shop out, (take a look at !) I am also making new accessories and products to add to my range so watch this space!

I have no doubt Lockdown has been hard for everyone, but the sense of community spirit it has brought is definitely one of the positives to come out of it so far. It’s a privilege to be part of the Love of Scrubs community and I do have them to thank for helping get me through this past few weeks. Hopefully though, a little bit of normality won’t be too far away, I am so looking forward to getting back to sewing in my little Bridal Studio.

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