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5 tips for finding your wedding day style

Are you getting married and not sure what to wear? Scrolling Pinterest and feeling uninspired? Well do not fear, we are here to help with our 5 top tips for finding your Big Day style. Read on as we share with you the dos and don’ts of finding your wedding day style.

1. It doesn’t have to be traditional

If you are looking at wedding dress styles on social media or searching websites and nothing feels ‘right’, please do not worry. There is so much choice out there and there are shops and designers to suit every taste and budget. It might just be that what you want is not a traditional style. This is actually very exciting as it means you can go bespoke and have exactly what you want. A bespoke bridal designer will help you create a look that ticks ALL your boxes, fits like a dream and works for your budget. When considering this option, be sure to chat with your designer about your inspiration, your likes and dislikes and how you want to feel on your wedding day.

2. It doesn’t have to be a dress

Yes, that's right. You can wear anything you want on your special day. Whether this is a mini dress, jumpsuit or suit, it all goes. It is your choice and your day so please choose something that excites you and makes you dream of the day you get to wear it. If you are going down the bespoke route, speak to your designer about your options and how best they can put your inspiration into reality. Having something made for you also opens the door to having pieces that transform throughout your day. It could be a skirt for your ceremony that comes off to reveal hot pants underneath for your evening party, or a veil over your jumpsuit that turns into a cape for later in the day. Your bespoke designer is there to create your dream and will also come up with ideas that enhance your plans.

3. It doesn’t have to be white

We LOVE a coloured wedding day look. Whether you want a dreamy romantic look or a striking tailored outfit colour can help you achieve your chosen aesthetic. White and ivory are beautiful traditional choices but wearing colour does not mean forfeiting that bridal feeling. Whatever you wear and in whatever shade when you walk down the aisle surrounded by your family and friends walking towards your love you will definitely feel like the bride. If you desire to wear colour but are nervous about it, talk to your designer and they will help you choose a shade and fabric that will look and feel just right for you.

4. It doesn’t have to be big

If you decide to wear a dress for your wedding remember that it does not have to be a certain shape or size. Dresses and outfits of any silhouette work as long as you feel comfortable in them. If a slinky slip dress feels more like you then that is the right shape for you. Similarly if you want to go for a huge ball gown then wear it with pride. There is no ‘right’ wedding dress or outfit anymore. It is acceptable to wear anything you want in any shape or colour.

5. It does have to feel like YOU

This is our most important tip for you for finding your wedding day look, it needs to FEEL like you. You on your best day. Your wedding day is your opportunity to wear the outfit of your dreams, one that you have always wanted to be able to wear. Whatever that looks like. It is so important to feel comfortable both in the design you chose and the fit. Don’t scrimp in taking the time to find a shop or designer that will help you create your dream look and have the garments fit beautifully. You deserve to feel your absolute best on your wedding day and wear the outfit of your dreams.

Good luck with your search and huge congratulations for your day.

If you would like to meet with Caroline to design you your dream wedding day outfit please email or call 01476 247227

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