Lincolnshire Longwool Wedding Gown

In 2009 I was approached by Louise Fairburn to create what is possibly the most unusual Bridal Gown I have ever worked on. Louise, a Shepherdess from Risby Grange, in the Lincolnshire Wolds, wanted to create a Bridal Gown made purely of the wool from her flock. Intrigued and excited at the prospect of being involved in making such a unique Bridal Gown, I happily agreed.

Louise knew exactly what she wanted with the design of the Gown, so I cut the initial pattern and made a calico toile to make sure we were happy with the fit and cut of the gown. From my pattern, Louise had the bodice crocheted in hand-spun Lincoln Longwool, which I then beaded with tiny Swarovski crystals. The back was corseted with Lincoln Longwool Felt and trimmed with handmade felt roses. The dramatic skirt was created using natural raw wool staples which Louise hand washed before I stitched them directly onto Lincoln Longwool Woven Cloth. 

It was fantastic to be a part of creating such a unique and ultimately stunning Bridal Gown and proof that no matter how unusual your ideas, anything can be possible!' For more information on The Longwool Bridal Gown and on The Lincolnshire Longwool Breed go to Louises website at